Detki Keksz Édesipari Kft. has been a major player in the national confectionery industry for 3 decades now.
The former managing director of the company is Olga Pavlova. Please read below the greeting words by the managing director:

“Thanks to decades of professional experience, continued innovation and an established trade system, we deliver over ten thousand tons of biscuits and linzer biscuits per year to several million households.
Due to its reliable quality and modest price levels, “Detki” has practically become a household name for many people.
One interesting fact about our plant built in 1982 is that this is actually the birth-place of György Bálint (the agronomist “Farmer Bálint”, known by all), now functioning as an office building.

We build our company on this basis, by renewal of our traditional products and by offering many real novelties. Our aim is to offer products available to everyone, at all times.”

Pavlova Olga
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