As the largest Hungarian-owned biscuit manufacturer in Hungary, we are proud to produce quality products, sweet or savoury, tailored to the taste of Hungarian consumers. The traditional Mese Honey Linzers, Tere-Fere, or our household biscuit that has been a staple in this country for generations, are all regular items on shopping lists, omnipresent on pantry shelves and in lunchboxes, on weekdays and festive occasions alike in millions of households.

For almost four decades, Detki Keksz has been a key player in the domestic confectionery industry. As Olga Pavlova, the company’s former managing director, put it: “Thanks to decades of professional experience, continued innovation and a well-established trade system, we deliver over ten thousand tons of biscuits and linzer biscuits and crackers to millions of households each year. Due to its reliable quality and modest price levels, »Detki« has become a household name for many people. We build our company on this foundation with the renewal of our traditional products and a number of real novelties. Our goal is to offer high quality and affordable products for everyone.”

„We bake biscuits that we ourselves are happy to give to our children.”

Olga Pavlova